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Event Organizer

We provide event organizer services including:

  • Meeting, Incentives, Convention, Exhibition, (MICE)
  • Training/Seminar/Workshop/
  • Gathering/Reunion
  • Capacity Building/Outbound/Fun game
  • Sports Event (Run, Walk, Bicycle, Golf)
  • Charity Event

We help to handle those event services, including but not limited to the following activities:

  • Event Planning & Designing
    Discussing a creative concept and prudent budget to ascertain precisely and better understand event requirements.
  • Event Research&Survey
    Researching references, destinations, or audiences to examine readiness for events.
  • Detailing dan Approving
    Plan in detail, systematic and comprehensive including event concept, rundown, handling, design, time schedule, budget, and resources/key partners.
  • Coordination and Production
    Coordinate with many suppliers/partners/vendors/, talent, stakeholders, and clients through the technical meeting, rehearsals, and daily briefing “
  • Delivery Event
    Execute event based on planning and preparation”
  • Event Supervision
    Coordinate with the client to ensure it fulfills event standards of acceptance and agreement.
  • Unloading and Clearing
    Unloading event equipment and clearing the venue efficiently.
  • Post-event evaluation
    E-survey event feedback, data collecting, processing and analysis, and reporting for event stakeholders.

Event Equipment

We provide various-latest event equipment for small to the big event with a professional operator

  • Audio Soundsystem
    Sound capacity starts 5000 to 50.000 watts, Mixer Analog/Digital, Wired Mic, Wireless/Clip on mic, Delegate Mic, Musical Instrument/Band Set Equipment, Audio Recorder, Splitter.
  • Video Multimedia
    LED Screen Outdoor/Indoor (P.3.9/P.5.9), Video Mixer/Processor
    Screen Projector, Projector, TV Plasma/LED, Frame TV, Laser Pointer.
  • Lighting
    PAR LED, Freshnell, Moving Beam, Follow spotlight.
    Electricity dan Cable Audio-Video
    Genset, Extension Cable Socket, Extend cable audio video.
  • Staging & Effect Machine
    Stage, Stair, Rigging, Barricade, Smoke/Fog/Spark Machine, Confetti Canon.
  • Decoration & Furnitures
    Flooring Carpet/Melamine, Mini garden, Tent, Drapery/Draping, Podium (Wood/Acrylic), Name Desk, Country Flag, (Tabel/Stand/Outdoor), Sign Exclusive Pad, Q-Line, Chair (VIP, Banquet, Sofa), Table (Banquet, Coffee, Round), Flower, Flipchart, Venue Map, Misty Fan, Stand Air Conditioner.
  • Construction
    Backdrop, LED Frame, Photobooth+Photo Properties, Registration Booth, Exhibition Booth, Games Booth, Airport/Station, Help Desk Booth, Exhibition R8 Booth set.
  • Dedicated Documentation
    Live video recording, Video Teaser, Photographer, Videografer,
    Drone/Aerial Videografer, 3D Photosession, Jimmy Jib.
    Administration Hospitality
    Laptop, PC, Ipad/Tablet, Printer, and Photocopy Machine.
  • Communication
    Handy Talky, Eartech communication 2 ways, Interpreter Multi Languages, Interpreter Box.
  • IT Services
    Internet Bandwith on Demand, Web Event, Digital Registration, Barcode Scanner.
  • Event Branding Production
    Rollbanner, X banner, Vertical Banner, Horizontal Banner/Spanduk, Hanging Banner, Umbul-umbul, Signage, Billboard, Giant.
  • Meeting Kits
    ID Card (Necklace, Handwrist), Notepad, Stationery, Event Guide, Coupon, Invitation.
  • Souvenir & Merchandise Gift & Trophy
    Merchandise Gift (Tumbler, T-Shirt, Mug, Flash disk, Jacket, Bag, etc), Medal, Souvenir & Trophy ( Premium&Standard).

Event Support

We provide a total solution for the event for totality event services.


  • Venue Booking
    Booking, marking, and securing event area i.e. resident room, meeting/ballroom, parking, traffic control, security, medical, hospitality and the media room.
  • Show management
    Show Director, Show Manager, Floor Manager, Crew.
  • Event Talent Management
    MC, Announcer, Interpreter, Liaison Officer, Usher, Runner, Help Desk, Registration, SPG/SPB.
  • Art Performer/Invitation Speaker Management
    Singer, Dancer, Magician, Motivator/Coach/Trainer/Speaker.
  • Creative Design&Production
    Logo, Event Branding (Backdrop, Banner, T-Shirt, ID Card), Video Animation, Video Bumper, Audio Dubber, 3D Design, etc.
  • Transportation Services
    Driver, Shuttle Car, Police Escort (Vooridjer).
  • Medical & Insurance Services
    Doctor, Nurse, Ambulance, Standard Medicine also insurance.
  • Security Services
    Body Scanner, X-Ray Metal Detector, Security, Bodyguard.
  • F&B and Catering Services
    Water Dispenser, Freezer/Refrigerator, Snack/Meal Box, Restaurant Reservation.
  • Sanitation Services
    Toilet Portable, Cleaning Service.

Event Virtual

We provide a virtual event to a borderless live meeting experience

  • Webinar/Zoom Meeting+Live Streaming
  • Hybrid Meeting
  • Zoom Meeting License Rent
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Experienced for customize concepting and handling event.
We are adaptive and creative concept designers and executors of events with a challenge to hold a better event than ever or other.
Professional crews and talents
We have professional, young, and teamwork of event crews and talents.
Selected Standardized Supplier/Partner
We only work with selected standardized, and highly reviewed suppliers/partners to support your event.
High Value Money
We provide a high value of money with our services than other services.